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3 Pool Spa Problems That Might Not Have Crossed Your Mind

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When you decided to get a spa installed along with your pool, you might have thought that caring for it and making repairs would be similar to what you'd do for the rest of the pool. In a way, that's correct, as you're caring for an in-ground container of water that you sit in. However, spas have a few special issues, and some of them might not have crossed your mind. These can lead to repairs if ignored.

1. Not Cleaning Your Spa Can Lead to Bacterial Problems

Spa cleaning needs to be a regular inhabitant on your household cleaning list. The hot water in the spa is a great environment for bacteria growth, even more so than the regular pool water. Follow manufacturer instructions religiously for cleaning. If you've not done so well in that department and smell foul odours or are suffering from itchy skin and related conditions, have a spa repair company replace the filter, clean out the spa, and inspect the whole thing to ensure it's back in a more sanitary state.

2. Wildfire Ash Can Kill Your Filter

If wildfire ash starts falling on your home, it can get into the spa filter and clog it up, eventually drying into a very hard mass that's a mess. Even if you manage to cover your spa to protect it from most of the ash, you might not be able to exclude all of it. Whichever happens for you, you may need to have the spa filter assembly repaired and cleaned out once the air clears.

3. The Water May Start to Look Weird

The heat from the spa water can react with any body lotions or other body cosmetics that you've used, causing the water to foam. That's generally harmless to you because all that's happening is that any leftover detergent residue is reacting with the hot water to form some suds. However, the filter and surface of the spa can suffer as the residue gradually creates a bunch of gunk, just like soaps do when rinsed down sink drains.

When the filter can't work properly, the spa water can't extract debris and other particles that have landed in the water. That affects the spa's quality and can result in big repairs if left to fester for too long. A local spa repair company can come right away and help get that spa back into shape.