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Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Cleaning

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Swimming is a good way to relax and feel cool, especially during the summer. You can either have a residential or commercial pool, both of which can get dirty over time. No one wants to get inside a dirty pool; it can even lead to diseases. That is why regular swimming pool cleaning is essential; here is everything you need to know about swimming pool cleaning. Swimming pool cleaning can be divided into DIY and professional cleaning:

DIY Swimming Pool Cleaning

DIY cleaning is when you clean your swimming pool without hiring a professional. Before doing this, you need to take some time to learn how to effectively clean a pool and what is required. You may also need to consider some factors like where the pool is located (outdoors or indoors) and how many people use the pool. If the pool is located outdoors, you might want to fish out debris like leaves frequently. However, if the pool is located indoors, this may not be necessary. You also need to know how to check the pool pH and how frequently to add chlorine.

The activities mentioned above consist of simple cleaning activities. The pool also needs to be cleaned and inspected thoroughly (this includes scrubbing tile walls and floors) at least weekly or bi-weekly (depending on how your pool is used). You should also maintain the filters and pumps at least once a month. During the inspection, close the pool for at least two days.

You might find that DIY pool cleaning is recommended for residential swimming pools, but you might need to have the pool cleaned by professionals at least once or twice a month when it is being used and depending on how dirty it becomes.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning

You need swimming pool cleaning professionals if:

  • You are not sure how to clean your pool effectively and don't want to risk damaging the swimming pool system or getting sick. The professional pool cleaners will even teach you how to clean your pool effectively if you want to be doing it yourself.
  • You don't have the time to clean your swimming pool.
  • You can't afford the pieces of equipment needed to thoroughly clean your pool or are not familiar with the equipment needed.
  • You have a commercial pool (it is best to hire professional pool cleaners for commercial swimming pools. You don't want to make pool cleaning mistakes that could lead to customer lawsuits; this can cost your business).