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5 Signs That Your Spa Pump Is Failing

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Over time, and because of regular use, parts of your hot tub start to experience some wear and tear. One of the hardest working components of your hot tub is the spa pump. When a pump that has been operational for a few years starts to produce strange noises, banging or whistling, it may be time to consider repairs or replacement. As opposed to troubleshooting with an older pump, it's recommended to replace the spa pump with a new one. Here are 5 signs that your spa pump is failing. 

Leaking Pump

Loose frames may result in water escaping as it is propelled through the spa pump. Confirm that the o-rings and frames to ensure they're on tightly and secure. Leaking could also come from a broken pump seal. It's recommended that you change the pump seal as you place the pump, ensuring that you have a tight leak-free fit. 

Decreased Water Pressure

The main function of your spa pump is to force water to flow in the desired direction, producing a particular effect, such as a high-pressure jet. When the pump starts to be inefficient, you may notice that the water pressure has lowered. Before considering replacement, inspect the pump for debris. Occasionally, debris may have blocked the impeller affecting the water movement. If there's no evidence of debris, the reduced water pressure is likely due to the pump's wear and tear. 

Abnormal Sounds

One of the first signs of an aged or worn out pump is a change in its sound. If you notice some noise when using the spa, you should call an expert to inspect the pump. A humming noise unaccompanied by water is a sign of pump seizure or electrical problems. If you notice rumbling or squealing noises when running, these are signs of failure. 


When there's inadequate clean air flowing into the motor, it can result in your spa pump overheating. In this case, you can take up a preventive measure by placing your spa pump in an area that's free from leaves and dirt. 

Motor Failure 

One of the common symptoms of a broken motor is a random power loss. If your motor isn't working, check to confirm that the power switch is on. If it's on, and the pump doesn't work, check for failed delays, the burned wires, or blown fuses. Ensure you check all the connections including connections such as a copper bonding wire or the pump power cable.

If you notice that your spa pump is failing, consult a pool contractor to conduct a pool repair or replacement.