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5 Fun Features For Your Backyard Pool

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A pool can make your backyard a much more fun place to hang out, but what happens when you decide the space needs a little revamping to make it fresh and exciting? There's no need to make major changes to the shape or style of your pool. These five features can all be added quickly and easily to enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space.

1. LED Wall Lights

Adding lighting to your pool is one of the easiest ways to improve its functionality and appearance. LED lights provide the illumination you need to swim safely at night. With their fully waterproof casing and long bulb life, they require little to no maintenance. Choose from a range of colours to enhance the beauty of your pool.

2. Waterfall

Water features are popular in many backyards, but when combined with a swimming pool, they are especially stunning. Pool contractors use concrete and natural stone to construct a wide range of waterfall features, from cascading flows to peaceful streams. For the best effect, combine plants into the design to create the appearance of a tropical paradise.

3. Water Slide

Add a water slide to your pool if you want your kids to have fun splashing around this summer. Slides can be long, short, straight or curved. Of course, there is a safety aspect to consider when adding a waterslide to your pool. That's why it is so important to work with a certified pool contractor who can ensure that the slide meets all relevant safety guidelines and regulations.

4. Spa

Adding a spa to your pool is sure to tempt you out for a morning swim on more days of the week. The bubbles produced by a spa are not only relaxing but can also be very soothing if your muscles are sore after a challenging swim or another type of workout. If you have a big enough budget, consider adding an in-ground spa, which can blend seamlessly with the rest of your pool. A more affordable option is an above-ground spa or hot tub.

5. Bubble Jets

Instead of adding a spa, you could alternatively add bubble jets. These fun fountains are an ideal addition if you have a sun shelf at the shallow end of your pool. Adults and kids alike love playing with the spurts of bubbly water, which are often powered by spa pumps. You can switch the jets on or off depending on whether you want to swim lengths or just have fun in the sun.