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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

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For your pool to remain in pristine condition, you would have to invest some effort into its maintenance. However, you will find that some homeowners end up procrastinating cleaning and maintenance of their swimming pool, especially if it is not being used on a routine basis. As such, when summer rolls around and they want to use their swimming pool, they find there are a number of problems that they have to contend with first. This can be extremely inconveniencing, and to avoid this, there are some handy tips you could employ for effective swimming pool maintenance.

Skim the surface of your pool routinely

Skimming refers to the process of eliminating surface grime from the pool. This technique is a great way of ensuring bugs, twigs, leaves and other debris do not get the chance to accumulate in your swimming pool. It should also be noted that the longer the debris stays floating around in your pool, the more water it absorbs, making it more likely to sink to the bottom. This translates into a dirty pool bottom too, which can prove to be quite cumbersome to clean on your own. Lastly, skimming also functions to prevent debris from floating toward the pool's circulation system. For best results, consider skimming your pool on a daily basis, whether or not it is in use.

Empty the strainer baskets regularly

A vital component of your swimming pool is its strainer. This is because it functions to collect all debris that may be floating into the pool's circulatory system. However, if the strainer is not attended to, it eventually will become clogged. This will pose the risk of dirt accumulating in your pool while also putting your filter at risk of malfunction. To prevent this, it is recommended to clean out the strainers on a routine basis. A clean strainer also decreases the risk of algae, bacteria and other microbes breeding in your pool.

Ensure the water level stays constant

Your swimming pool has a particular water level that it needs to maintain. Failure to adhere to this will pose the risk of damages to your pool pump, as it will not be pumping the adequate volume of water. Water levels tend to be more of a concern during the summer, as these are the months of heavy pool usage. Moreover, evaporation from the increased temperatures will also cause a decrease in your pool's water level.

For more information and help with regular pool cleaning, work with a local pool contractor.