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A Few Important Tips When Choosing an Aluminum Fence for Your Home

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An aluminum fence can give your property the look of a wrought iron fence but for much less money and far less maintenance, as aluminum doesn't rust and corrode like iron. The bars of an aluminum fence also keep your property from feeling closed-in and claustrophobic while still adding a stately feeling to the space. When you're ready to shop for an aluminum fence, note a few quick tips to ensure you get the right choice for your yard and are happy with that choice for years to come.


There may be legal requirements as to the spacing of the bars of a fence if you own pets, but if not, you still want to ensure those pets will be safe. If you don't like the look of bars that are very close together, note if your installer has a pet-friendly option; this can mean a fence that is designed in two separate sections. A lower section is just taller than your pets and the bars are close together so they cannot get their head stuck in between them, whereas the taller section has bars that are spaced further apart. This will give you the look of a fence that isn't so busy while keeping your pets safe with the more narrow design at the bottom.

Covered versus exposed pickets

The pickets are the bars that make up any metal fence; exposed pickets can be good for security. You can even choose pointed finials, the top design of the pickets, to make it more hazardous for someone to climb the fence. However, what keeps you secure from intruders can also be dangerous to your own family and pets and especially if you opt for a low fence that just marks off a property's boundaries. A child or pet climbing the fence can then be injured by the tops of the pickets. Opt for covered pickets; this would be a bar that runs horizontally across the length of the fence, just above the picket tops.

Adding style

To add style to your aluminum fence, become familiar with the accessories you might add. An arbor is like an arched entryway that you might add to your home's walkway. A rainbow gate refers to a gate with a curved top. Scrolls are circular pieces that are added between the bars or pickets of the fence for more visual appeal; these can be large and detailed or just simple rounded pieces. These small details can make your fence look more visually appealing overall.