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What are the different swimming pool heating options?

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When you dip your foot in your swimming pool, regardless of the temperature outside, it is always nice to experience warm water. There are multiple ways to heat the swimming pool, from traditional pumps to solar options. Here are some different ways to heat up your swimming pool.

Gas Heater

One of the swimming pool standard heating options is the gas heater. Gas heaters are a great way to get your swimming pool heated up fast, no matter what the weather is outside. This is an optimal heating option if you live in a cold climate, but still want to use your swimming pool. It is also a more expensive option, so keep that in mind. The heater itself, repairs, and operating costs all tend to be a little higher when you choose a gas heater. However, it can also be the most efficient as far as warmth consistency goes.

Solar Heating Options

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, have a greener home and save money in the process, there are a couple different solar options for heating up your swimming pool. The first option is the least expensive and easier of the two options: a solar cover. The solar cover is a type of plastic cover that is placed on top of the pool water when not in use, with the bubbly side down. You can lay down manually or use a cover reel. The material heats up when the sun is out, which helps to keep the pool warm until you are ready to use it.

The other option is to have a solar heater installed in the swimming pool. They tend to cost less than gas heaters and many of the pump heaters, with lower operating costs. The solar pool heater also works with the sun providing heat, which then heats up your swimming pool. When the sun's heat is gathered by the solar collector, the heater then circulates warm water throughout the pool.

Heat Pumps

If you don't mind spending a little more for an energy-efficient and effective heating option, you can choose one of the different heat pumps available. This includes air-source pumps and water-source pumps. The water-source pump does just what it sounds like; uses the pump to create hot water, which is then circulated around the pool. The air-source heat pump uses air to transfer heat to the pool water. The air-source pump is becoming a more popular option as far as pumps are concerned. It uses less energy to operate and can provide consistent warmth similar to the gas heater.

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