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2015 Swimming Pool Design Trends

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Pool trends have drastically changed in recent years, making luxurious architectural design elements more affordable for everyday families. Many of the design features that are popular today have actually been around for a while but because the cost to design such items was so expensive, they were relatively unknown outside of wealthy circles. With increased advancement in technology, companies have been able to price lower for materials and labour costs. Pools are still a major investment, but families are able to create outdoor oases like never before.

To get you started, here are a few of the hottest swimming pool design trends from 2015:

Glass tile

Glass tile is dominating the design scene for today's swimming pools. The style offers a sleek, luxury appeal that offers owners a vastly different look and durability than fibreglass, concrete or porcelain options. The glass finish creates a shimmering effect that really makes the pool's colours pop.

Cascading Water Elements

Cascading waterfalls, fountains, jets, and pretty much all water features that show water on the move, are really popular this year. Moving water creates added design elements that can be both a focal point or an added background effect. Many pool owners have been able to transform their pool's ambiance by adding LED lighting to further enhance the beauty of moving water.

Focal Edge

A very popular trend that is re-emerging this year is the focal edge design, which is essentially an edge of your pool that appears to fall off into nothingness or sharply ends. There are two different effects that truly capture the elegance and sophistication of this design. The first is the infinity effect, which appears as if the pool is completely vanishing and blends in with surrounding cliff lines and views. The second is the knife edge, which appears more like a sleek, razor-sharp edge that creates a mirror effect.

Outdoor Space Maximisation

Another trend is using the entire outdoor space that blends well with the pool and all other entertainment features, from grills to fireplaces to dining areas. The pool will often feature built-in bar stools and seating, floating islands that can feature more seating or dining and unique kitchen and grilling areas that seamlessly flow into the pool area. This design trend maximises all the space in your background, creating a central area that features the pool as your main focal point and surrounding stations that fill your entertainment needs.